Dos and Don’ts When Making Toasts & Speeches

Here are the things to look out for during speeches and toasting, for the host and emcee, because we have to work closely together. For speeches: 1) The emcee should always check with the host on the content of their speeches so it doesn’t overlap with theirs, so that...

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Why Do You Need A Professional Emcee?

A professional emcee could set the right tone and create the perfect ambience. We understand the dynamics and protocol of an event, keep things moving with poise and charisma, while keeping the audience energized and engaged. A professional emcee is also your...

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What Makes A Good Program Flow?

Well, to each its own, but the rule of thumb is simple, it should flow naturally and seamlessly from one item to the next, it should help all parties achieve their best, and create the most desirable impact. Let me elaborate, by all parties, I mean everyone involved,...

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