Dos and Don’ts When Making Toasts & Speeches

Here are the things to look out for during speeches and toasting, for the host and emcee, because we have to work closely together.

For speeches:
1) The emcee should always check with the host on the content of their speeches so it doesn’t overlap with theirs, so that no jokes and messages are repeated. The emcees shouldn’t steal their thunder.

2) The emcee should check with the host if translation is required, so that the message can be delivered to all.

For toasting:
1) The host and the emcee should communicate and agree on the desired style for toasting, depending on the respective culture of the family and country. For example, proposing a toast in Australia can be a tad different from Malaysia. It’s ‘Cheers’ versus ‘Yumseng’.

2) The host and the emcee should communicate on special requests and requirements beforehand. (For example: Particular words of well wishes and blessings.)

3) The host and the emcee should identify the family members and friends who would love to propose a toast or shout on behalf.

At the end of the day, what is really important is that we share each other’s expectations & thoughts before the event and find that right balance!